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  • Third straight win for Sweden. Holmqvist blanks Finland

    04.09.2005 | Fredrik Pålsson, David Schlegel
    Third straight win for Sweden. Holmqvist blanks Finland

Three straight wins and the Swedes have taken their first EHT-tournament victory outside Sweden in seven years. This starts Sweden off to a great start of the season.

The Finns were strong to start, but failed to put any shots past Johan Holmqvist. Virta had a big chance but was not able to surprise the Swedish goaltender. The Finnish power play, also, put heavy pressure on the Swedes but failed to convert on any of their opportunities.

Sweden came out to the second period and was far stronger, Jonas Soling ringing one shot off the post near the 8 minute mark. After the halfway mark Joel Lundqvist gave Sweden the lead, deflecting a shot by Oduya past the Finnish goaltender.

Finland tried to come back in the third period but Johan Holmqvist played very good in goal and didn`t concede any goals. Instead, Finlands aggressive play led to defensive mistakes, which gave Sweden some chances. Petr Ledin secured the win with an empty net goal in the final minutes of play.

Sweden - Finland 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals and assists: (Oduya, L. Jonsson), 58. Ledin (Petrasek, Beglund). Referee: Šindler - Barvíř, Blümmel. Penalties: 8:12 - plus Louhi (FIN) 10 min. Power-Play Goals: 1:0. Shorthanded Goals: 1:0. Audience: 1180.

Sweden: J. Holmqvist - Petrasek, Frögren, Oduya, L. Jonsson, Lindström, A. Holmqvist - Hannula, Davidsson, Lundqvist - Nordqvist, Ottosson, Ölvestad - Soling, Martensson, Tolsa - Berglund, Mattsson, Ledin. Coach: Bengt-Ake Gustafsson.

Finland: Bäckström - Karalahti, Lehtonen, Lepistö, Niemi, Mikkola, Saravo, Malmivaara - Louhi, Viuhkola, Pyörälä - Saarala, Pirnes, Pärssinen - Kalto, Hahl, Virta - Luomala, Kontiola, Valtonen. Coach: Erkka Westerlund.